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About Us

About Us


DV8 Technology Group (DV8) is fledging information and communications technology (ICT) giant that is small enough to be flexible and nimble but operates at a scale that allows it to offer cost-effective cutting-edge solutions. The optimal scale of our business enables us to undercut the competition, which mainly comprises multinational ICT behemoths, while offering the same quality – and often superior – products and services. DV8 is a fully black-owned and proudly South African enterprise that recognises Africa as a community of common destiny. The entrepreneurs behind the company draw inspiration from the abounding opportunities in Africa and impact that the ICT sector can have in propelling the economy of the continent forward and consequently improving standards of living.

Over the years, we have grown our national footprint and are now exploring a range of opportunities beyond South African borders. While running a world-class, profitable and sustainable operation, we aspire to be a force for change in South Africa, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Africa at large. To this end, our approach to business is rooted in the marketing concept philosophy that advocates analysing consumer needs and finding ways to satisfy them better than the competition. We believe that the key to sustainability lies in proprietary solutions to real needs of our customers hence the emphasis on building an intellectual property (IP) portfolio that sets us apart from the competition.

DV8 has grown rapidly over its 12 years of existence; however, it retains its entrepreneurial culture focussed on building best of breed ventures and solution offerings across the ICT value chain. We have, and will continue to, incrementally build research capacity to enhance consumer insights that drive business strategy and help us grow our IP portfolio. The company was incorporated in 2006 and its areas of specialism include consulting, systems integration, and managed services and products targeted at the telecoms, utility, health, education finance, mining and transport sectors. We recognised the immense potential in the education and financial services sectors across the continent and are fixated on developing unique ICT solutions in these areas.

There is growing recognition that enhancing the impact of investments in education and expanding access to financial services are economic imperatives that warrant greater attention. DV8 is poised to leverage this development. Excellence, Efficiency, Creativity, Integrity and Transparency are the core values based on which DV8 operates. But, more than anything, the company prides itself on the solid team it has been able to put together. We have assembled a group of highly-skilled and experienced professionals complemented by the strategic partnerships with some of the leading players in the ICT in South Africa and internationally. Our knowledge of the South Africa, SADC and Africa make us a natural partner for multinationals seeking to enter these markets.


DV8 Technology Group is replete with driven, smart, innovative and highly-experienced people. The multidisciplinary team of core ICT and support services personnel operate on the ethos of teamwork, trust, openness and critical engagement. The caliber of our people is one of our biggest assets and the reason our clients would recommend DV8 to others. Each member of our team is a specialist in their field and expected to keep up with industry trends to ensure that the business offers faultless, creative and technologically advanced ICT solutions. We strive to exude energy and passion in executing client briefs and all else we do. We are client-centered and give our all to build healthy, lasting working relationships with our customers. Above all else, we love what we do and derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing our clients happy after we deliver beyond their expectations.


Our network of strategic partners complements our product and service offering, particularly in areas without a strong business case for investing in own infrastructure and/or personnel. We are proud to have assembled a galaxy of partnerships with local and international market leaders in various specialist ICT areas. This has enabled us to offer some of the more complex and cutting-edge solutions to our customer base. Further, the existing partnerships allow us to deliver big complex projects on time and on budget as we can assemble project teams with the requisite skills spread rapidly. The calibre of our network of strategic partners is one of many features of our business that sets us apart from the competition.


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